Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Open For Business (Chriz's Introduction)

Hello there sir!

How are you today sir? Doing well are we? Welcome to The Lezbian Buzzcut.

I trust you understand our strictly no-refund policy over here at our fine barber.

So, lets get down to business. What will it be? Short at the back, or the front? Fringe or no fringe? Would you like to know our special? It's The Lezbian Buzzcut actually. Don't try to steal that hey, we got a patent pending.

What is The Lezbian Buzzcut? Well, it's quite simple really. It's a buzzcut of the scalp,removing all that is split at the ends of society. Much like that of Gee-Eye Jane. Sexist? Never! Some of my best friends are lesbian.

My name is Chriz, and I am one of your barbers this fine day, and I invite (nay implore!) you to heed my call. I will express myself in more ways than one.

Some days I might express myself through a mullet.

Other days I might prefer a step.

Whatever the days is, make sure to stop on by for quick buzzcutting of your scalp before a nice dry pat-down into the welcome arms of reality.

Your barber



The Logisitician said...

Really nice stuff. The blogosphere has lots of blogs of all sorts, but I haven't run across any like yours. It is eclectic, in a good way. Saw your blog mentioned on blogcatalog's Introduce Yourself and Your Blog, and decided to visit. Nice work. Keep it up.