Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Obligatory Election Night Post

On this historic night in U.S and thus ultimately world politics, I’m making history of my own. For the first time ever, I’m blogging on a laptop, in front of the television, way after midnight.
(No, it’s not just because he’s black.)

CNN is probably more of an action movie than a news channel. Anderson Cooper just had an advert for his new let’s-go-find-the-next-worldwide-pandemic-program, “PLANET IN PERIL: BATTLE LINES!” Everything’s so loud and obnoxious. But when I look at how the blokes over at SkyNews are covering the elections…well, let’s just say CNN is the ‘Bad Boys’ to SkyNews’ ‘The English Patient’.
Apparently Wolf Blitzer is planning on interviewing holograms in the situation room later on (BATTLE LIINEES!!!).

I just skipped through the news channels and landed on Russia Today, where they were reporting that McCain’s fellow POW’s deny that he was ever tortured in Vietnam.
Wait, WHAT? Why isn’t CNN getting their hands on that shit? Where would his campaign be without the now passé “…and I have the scars to prove it” claim? Why didn’t anyone say “well, okay McCain, let’s see ‘em!”?
He would have shat bricks.

Another thing I’m keeping my eye on now is whether or not Americans will give the yea or nay for the gay. Yes, I’m talking about Proposition 8. If the majority vote yes, same-sex marriage will once again be illegal in California. It’s a tight race at the moment and it could go any way. It’s not something that would affect me or anyone I know directly, but having same-sex marriage be ILLEGAL in this day and age is obviously a bit silly.

(CNN have these awesome touch screen monitors. It’s like Minority Report, but replace Tom Cruise with Wolf Blitzer)

EDIT 1: Thank godzilla for America. The hologram thing works and it looks pretty cool. The funniest thing about it though is watching Wolf pretend to be looking at the person.

EDIT 2: Well, according to my calculations, Obama only needs Florida to go his way now and he's set. I say this, because he will definatly get California and (t
his is the cool part) he only needs THOSE TWO to WIN. And he'll get others as well.

So let's be presumptuous here and start calling him President Barrack Hussein Obama.

next morning edit: looks like I was right. phew!


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