Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Photographer: Christophe Niel

Christophe Niel is a photographer from the south of France, but he says he feels more like a global citizen than anything else. He has a very distinguishable style and his photos have a sense of serenity about them. Christophe explains his work as that of a 'passer-by' who captures moments that 'appear to us freely every day'. The photos, taken in some of the world's most diverse and dazzling places, show contrast in both implementation and content.

He uses a 1956 Rollei camera, which is a bit on the blink. He says this adds some unpredictability and authenticity to his work. This antique camera he says, "participates in the atmosphere of my photographs"

You can view his work on his website or on his deviantART.